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Hello Ladies and Gentleman, and welcome to my Copslay blog where i post my W.I.P cosplays and completed, oh just a fair warning i'm a lil' crazy so expect some silly and weird photos. I live in the UK, and go to many conventions. I took a big step to getting this far, cosplay has changed a part of my life i can be who i want where i want and i don't need anyone to tell me to stop. I can answer question you have to ask, just click the ask button.
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If you have a facebook account, please like this picture. But only like it if you want to or think it’s a picture to be won! I don’t like asking for things, nor do i like doing it. BUT. It’s a Wii U! Maybe if i do win i’ll do a giveaway for saying thank you!

Here he is, berry! I made him so you can change his eyes and mouth, so they are velcro on. 
Make a Strawberry plush, it’s pretty big. But This is going to be Berry from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2!

Who are interested in my cosplay life.. this is a message to you guys.

I am planning on setting up a cosplay YouTube. But i want to get opinions and feedback before doing so. I want to make cosplay videos (I have mentioned before i’ve wanted to do them for a long time), i want to do monthly loot videos where i talk about what i have bought in that month and show you my spendings, of course it’ll either be anime/manga or game related things. Another is Cosplay Skits, i’ve had scripts from a long time ago that i still want to put into a video. I may possible do Anime/Manga reviews or Figure reviews. Of course i’ll get some of my friends involved.

If you’d like to see any of this or think it’d be a great idea or i should just go with it and follow what i’d like to do and accomplish then either like this post or re-blog, that’ll give me a message knowing that it’s a good idea. 

I thank each and everyone of you followers for staying put even though i don’t post a lot and always supporting my work. I mean every word from the bottom of my heart.

You guys are a part of what makes me happy <3

Manchester MCM Expo

That is right. I’m attending Expo in Manchester on the 19th July. I will be cosplaying Sam Sparks from \cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2! 

This wig is a nightmare UEIRgoWUGLNEKGWRSHB.
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I miss cosplaying as Crona…

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